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So, you are looking for CHRYSLER Prowler Engines for sale!


Here, you can easily go through the process of how your CHRYSLER Prowler Engine is chosen. It's a vital step that determines the quality of the used Engine you buy. You save money through Sharper Edge Engines, but the most important aspect of you buying a used Auto Engine requires trust in the seller. Only buy used CHRYSLER Prowler Engines from a business that provides a Strong Warranty.


Here we go: The condition of CHRYSLER Prowler Engines is chained to mileages and its history. An Auto could have been wrecked, smashed, crashed, garaged for two decades, sold over ten times or had its mileage justified. It's important to understand that we authenticate history. No snap assumptions. We stayed at A 5-star company only for this reason. We only send good Engines with a clean history. Only Motors from wracked Cars are allowed to be sent.


Great Prowler Motors selections rely on great sources.


There are over 100000 Salvage Yards in the US only, but can we trust all of them?


We would only recommend companies who provide VIN of the Vehicle your engine is coming out of. Sharper Edge Engines has been in this Business for over 30 years, but we have been online for last 10 years. We only and only deal with Engine companies that have been in the business more than 5 decades and the experience with them have been completely positive for the past 20 years with no gimmick or game, Completely and 100% honest.


Let's face it, it's easy to find an auto engine. Click, click and your browser gives you hundreds of thousands of options. However, getting a quality used Engine at the perfect price, one with a legitimate background or one that won't strand you on a busy highway a year from now depends on a good and reliable source. This is where we step in.


Call us or email us and you’ll find out we have a very responsible team.

Sharper Edge Engines is a family owned and operated business.


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