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For over 25 years, Sharper Edge Engines, a family-driven company, has been the go-to name for countless revamped engines, refreshed engines, and pre-owned transmissions. Additionally, we’ve provided countless engine blocks, drivetrains, and transfer cases throughout North America. Opting for a revamped or refreshed engine is more than a quick choice; it's a significant commitment.

Such an investment demands respect, free from the noise of constant ads and pushy sales tactics. It should be a decision made with clarity, precision, and with the assurance of durability. It's about having a trusted companion for the many miles ahead.

While many competitors might bombard you with call-center tactics and emphasize sheer volume, this often leads to oversights — incorrect shipments, bypassed quality checks, and clients feeling like mere order numbers. Moreover, the added costs are often passed down, hurting your wallet.

Sharper Edge Engines has always believed in building lasting relationships. We manage a carefully curated inventory, ensuring that quality is never compromised. By keeping our operations lean, we've stayed committed to our customers, a principle that has steered our enduring success and reputation.

Putting Customers First

Over decades, we've established profound connections with leading acquisition managers nationwide. Such collaborations have enabled us to house over 15,000 units, ensuring we can cater to even the most unique engine or transmission requests. Whether it's contemporary or classic, we’ve got the inventory.


We've always believed that the engine is the heart of any vehicle. With this in mind, each engine we procure undergoes rigorous checks to ensure it matches our high-quality standards. Our engines aren’t just replacements; they are embodiments of excellence, ready to give vehicles a renewed lease on life.

What's more, we stand firmly by our products. Our warranty isn't a mere slip of paper filled with jargon but a genuine promise to our clients. We understand the concerns that come with purchasing replacement parts, and we aim to alleviate those worries. With Sharper Edge Engines, you're not just buying an engine; you're investing in peace of mind, knowing that we have your back.

It's this network and our unwavering commitment that have ensured we cater to:

Over the last quarter century we forged alliances with the most reputable and trust-worthy acquisition managers across the country. They helped fill our store-house with more than 15,000 units and continually provide us with immediate access to obscure or rare engines, transmissions, drive trains, transfer cases and thousands of components stemming from all makes and models – domestic or imported; new or antiquated. Whatever the need, we’ve dealt with it.

These alliances fortify our clients within a teetering financial existence, aiding cash-strapped clients and are forged to sustain trust. This is how we continually grow. Our services and prices paralyze the competition scrambling to support their massive overheads. Thus, we efficiently excel for:

  1. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts
  2. Auto repair pros
  3. Niche mechanics
  4. Vintage car aficionados
  5. And a growing demographic of first timers, introduced to us through trusted mechanic referrals.


Our story isn't just about engines; it's about family, pioneering spirit, and unyielding dedication. Sharper Edge Engines began as the very first enterprise that exclusively dealt with replacement engines. At a time when the market was saturated with multifaceted auto parts providers, we carved a niche, bringing a specialized focus that was unheard of. But what truly sets us apart? It was our foundational principle of being a family-run entity. Every decision made, every engine inspected, and every customer interaction was by a member of our family. This gave birth to an unparalleled level of trust and accountability that our clients immediately resonated with. When you spoke to us, you weren't just talking to a representative; you were conversing with someone who had a personal stake in the business.

As we look back at our humble beginnings and the journey we've undertaken, our mission remains unchanged: to provide unmatched quality, uphold our family values, and always prioritize the needs of our customers. We began as pioneers, and we continue to lead the way, setting industry standards every step of the journey.

Why Trust Sharper Edge Engines

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    In fluctuating economic climates, many opt to refurbish their vehicles over buying new ones. Their continued reliance on Sharper Edge Engines is a testament to our promise of value. While others may try to capitalize on this trend, our focus remains on exemplary service. For those unfamiliar with the expansive world of auto parts, we're here as your guide, confident you'll see the merit in our offerings.

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    While you might explore other options, we're confident that Sharper Edge Engines aligns with your needs. Our approach is consultative; we listen, understand, and then provide. Our team ensures your unique requirements are met with precision.

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    With our rich history and esteemed partners, we offer only the best parts with minimal wear. Sharper Edge Engines has always stood for value and dependability. Share your vehicle details with us and receive unparalleled rates without fuss

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High Quality Used Engines

High Quality Used Engines

SharperEdgeEngines Your One Stop for Used Engines ,So you're ready to buy a high quality used engine!

High Quality Remanufactured Engines

High Quality Remanufactured Engines

If you want the very best engine for your vehicle, a High Quality rebuilt engine from Sharper Edge Engines is what you are looking for.

High Quality Transmissions

High Quality Transmissions

Ready your battle gear. You are not just searching for a High Quality quality used transmission; you are fighting a horde of internet businesses vying for your attention to get at your wallet.

High Quality Transfer Cases

High Quality Transfer Cases

Off-roading would be much more difficult without transfer cases. As do we, transfer cases are what help give your ribs more traction