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Used CHRYSLER Engines

Discover Reliable Used Chrysler Engines for Sale at Sharper Edge Engines; Family-Owned Expertise in High-Quality Chrysler Engine Replacements

At Sharper Edge Engines, a family-owned and operated business with deep roots in the auto industry, we specialize in providing top-notch used Chrysler engines for sale. We understand the importance of finding a dependable engine replacement, and we are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Chrysler Used Engines For Sale

Why Trust Sharper Edge Engines for Your Chrysler Engine Needs?

1-Comprehensive Testing Process: Every used Chrysler engine we offer has been thoroughly compression tested and run tested by our experienced technicians. This rigorous examination ensures that each engine is in peak condition and ready to deliver long-lasting performance.

2-Exclusive In-House Warranty: Unlike many providers who offer only basic aftermarket warranties, Sharper Edge Engines backs every used Chrysler engine for sale with our own comprehensive warranty. This direct warranty support affirms our confidence in our products and provides you with added peace of mind.

3-Wide Inventory Range: Our selection includes a variety of used Chrysler engines for sale, covering many different models and years. Whether you need an engine for a classic Chrysler or a more recent model, we have options that can perfectly match your vehicle’s requirements.

4-Dedication to Customer Satisfaction: As a family-operated business, we prioritize integrity, transparency, and customer service. Our goal is to make your engine replacement process as smooth and stress-free as possible, offering expert advice and attentive support throughout your buying journey.

Choosing Sharper Edge Engines means opting for a provider that values quality and customer relationship. Here’s what makes us stand out:

Tested and Trusted: Each of our used Chrysler engines for sale is guaranteed to meet strict quality standards.
Personalized Service: We understand that replacing an engine is a significant decision. Our team is here to provide personalized assistance to help you find the exact engine you need.
Sustainability: Choosing a used engine is an environmentally friendly decision. It reduces waste and the need for new raw materials, contributing to a healthier planet.

Connect With Us Today! Are you in search of a high-quality used Chrysler engine for sale? Look no further than Sharper Edge Engines. Visit us to explore our extensive inventory or contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs with a reliable, tested, and warranted used Chrysler engine.

Common Engine Problems in Post-2010 Chrysler Vehicles

Chrysler vehicles are known for their innovation and comfort, but like all complex machines, some models have been prone to specific engine issues after 2010. Identifying these common problems can help owners address issues promptly and maintain their vehicle's performance.

  • 1. Oil Consumption and Leaks
  • 2. Coolant Leaks
  • 3. Engine Misfire
  • 4. Timing Chain Issues
  • 5. Thermostat Housing Breakage


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Preventative Measures and Maintenance Tips

To mitigate these issues and prolong the life of your Chrysler engine, consider the following maintenance strategies:

1- Regular Oil Checks and Changes: Keep an eye on the oil level and condition, changing it as recommended by Chrysler.
2- Cooling System Maintenance: Regularly check the coolant level, inspect hoses and the radiator, and replace the water pump before it fails as part of preventative maintenance.
3- Spark Plug and Ignition Coil Inspection: Replace these components as part of your regular service interval to prevent misfires.
4- Timely Timing Chain Checks: Have your timing chain inspected regularly, especially as your vehicle approaches higher mileage.
5- Thermostat Inspection and Replacement: Check the thermostat housing periodically and replace it if there are signs of wear or damage.

For Chrysler owners experiencing significant engine problems, Sharper Edge Engines offers a selection of high-quality used Chrysler engines for sale. Each engine is rigorously tested and comes with our own warranty, not an aftermarket version, ensuring reliability and satisfaction.

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