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Your Fast & Furious Binge-Watching Days Are Numbered

Your Fast & Furious Binge-Watching Days Are Numbered
your fast & furious binge-watching days are numbered
  • netflix has marked three fast & furious movies for removal from its streaming service.
  • fans have until sunday, september 1, to watch the first three movies in the long-running franchise.
  • not to worry: the ninth installment is set to debut (in theaters) next may, and there's a spinoff out now.

    with all the buzz around the fast & furious franchise recently, the news that netflix is removing some of the classic series of movies from its lineup could mean disappointment to fans of the long-tenured franchise.

    the move comes at the beginning of september as, in line with netflix practice, new titles are added to the streaming service and older ones are removed. the titles that are bowing out include the fast and the furious, 2 fast 2 furious, and the fast and the furious: tokyo drift, which are the first three movies in the series.

    well, at least the animated series fast & furious: spy racers will debut on netflix sometime later next year.

    there's always the movie theater, since the f&f franchise recently released a spinoff movie, fast and furious presents: hobbs and shaw. additionally, universal has already started filming fast & furious 9, which features a mid-engined dodge charger and an orange toyota supra, a bit of an homage to the original movie: the fast and the furious. but f&f 9 isn't out until next may. it could be a long winter.