Winnebago e-RV Electric Camper Van Concept Has 125 Miles of Range

Winnebago e-RV Electric Camper Van Concept Has 125 Miles of Range
winnebago e-rv electric camper van concept has 125 miles of range
  • winnebago unveiled the electric e-rv camper van concept at the florida rv supershow.
  • the e-rv concept uses the existing ford transit base vehicle but swaps its gasoline powertrain for an electric motor and an 86.0-kwh battery pack.
  • not only does the battery provide up to 125 miles of range it also provides power to run the concept's interior appliances.

    recreational vehicles rounded the corner into the electric era today with the unveiling of the winnebago e-rv concept at the florida rv supershow. using a ford transit van as the basis of the concept, winnebago and its powertrain partner, lightning e motors, swapped in an an electric motor and an 86.0-kwh battery pack.

    while winnebago did not release an estimated horsepower rating for the e-rv camper van concept, it did say that estimated driving range would be 125 miles per charge, which is significantly shorter than today's ev passenger vehicles. but the winnebago has a bed, a kitchenette, and wet bath with a shower, all home-style amenities you won't find in a tesla.

    speaking of amenities, winnebago says the interior is decked out in sustainable materials, including rubberized cork for the flooring and wool wall trim that serves double duty as extra insulation. a high-speed wi-fi network is also incorporated into the e-rv's design, which winnebago says provides high data-streaming levels.

    luxury travel trailer bowlus offers a similar electric concept with its road chief line, but unlike the winnebago e-rv, that camping trailer doesn't run under its own power. instead, the road chief's on-board battery pack is utilized as a source of power for off-grid camping.

    for right now, the e-rv is merely a concept and winnebago says that as battery technology evolves there's a potential for additional range. the e-rv concept has an onboard charger that is capable of juicing the battery at an owner's home, at public high-speed charging ports, or while plugged into shore power at a campground. according to winnebago, the e-rv can charge up in about 45 minutes using a high-speed public charging station.

    pricing for the e-rv hasn't been announced but we expect the all-electric powertrain will increase the price beyond that of a traditional gas-powered winnebago camper van when it eventually reaches dealerships.

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