Window Shop with Car and Driver: Cars That Changed Our Minds

it's been a couple of weeks since our last episode, but we're all well rested and ready to reengage in the silliness that is window shopping. this week we're looking at cars that we didn't like at first, but that grew on us over time and eventually won us over to the point that we might even like to own them now.

first up is r&t senior editor john pearley huffman who can't be bothered to actually search for a car listing and instead presents toyota's website where he finds a number of hybrids that he now likes. clearly, he didn't quite grasp the challenge. fortunately, senior editor joey capparella did understand the assignment and he selects a forgotten acura tl that has a manual and all-wheel drive. capparella admits to not having much love for that tl when it was new, but finding it online today has him rethinking his opinion.

the next presentation comes from staff editor austin irwin who makes a controversial choice when he selects the first-gen miata. but irwin isn't the only one who didn't really get the early miata's appeal at first. like irwin, deputy testing director k.c. colwell selects a car that is now nearly universally loved. colwell's pick of the e36 bmw m3 raises some eyebrows, but he explains that the hype surrounding the car was so great that he doubted the veracity of the claims. like irwin, colwell admits that once he drove one, he fell in love.

speaking of love, host tony quiroga has professed his love for buicks from the late '80s and into the '90s. his pick is the least expensive of the bunch and it is also likely the rarest. quiroga confesses that endless buick youtube videos got to him and changed his mind about the two-seat reatta. after watching, may you'll change your mind about one of these cars, but then again maybe not.

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date : 2021-11-06 04:02:40