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Why the Porsche Taycan EVs Two-Speed Transmission Is a Big Deal

Why the Porsche Taycan EVs Two-Speed Transmission Is a Big Deal
  • the 2020 porsche taycan features a two-speed automatic transmission at the rear axle, a first for an ev.
  • this multispeed gearbox aims to improve both acceleration and efficiency at higher speeds.
  • the taycan can also disconnect its rear axle and run entirely on front-axle power.

    the porsche taycan is the first ev with a two-speed transmission, which provides numerous advantages over the single-speed arrangement found in every other electric vehicle.

    having a multispeed transmission in an ev provides the same benefits that it does in a gasoline-powered car: improved low-speed acceleration and increased efficiency at high velocity by lowering the rotating speed of the power source. in other words, the ratio spread of the two-speed transmission will help the taycan's highway driving range while also making it quicker.

    the porsche's gearbox has a single planetary gearset and two clutches that handle the ratio swap or decouple the rear motor altogether, allowing for efficient running using only front-axle power. the gearing step is large, with the second-gear ratio roughly half of the first and the shift point happening around 50 mph. in most driving, the taycan runs in top gear. first-gear starts happen in sport or sport plus mode; to do it in normal, you'll need a large accelerator input.

    porsche claims that the highest-power taycan, the 750-hp turbo s, can pop off 10 consecutive 2.6-second slingshots to 60 mph with no degradation in performance. it says that even when the battery has less than a 50 percent charge, the car’s performance will remain consistent, with a measurable but imperceptible slowdown. porsche credits the use of the two-speed transmission on the rear axle, the permanent-magnet synchronous ac motors, and the car’s higher operating voltage that creates less heat than lower-voltage setups.

    at highway cruising speeds, which is usually ev kryptonite, the tall top gear should boost the taycan's range, although porsche has yet to announce epa range ratings.