What I Learned Reading Road & Tracks Big & Fast Cars Book for Kids, by a Kid

What I Learned Reading Road & Tracks Big & Fast Cars Book for Kids, by a Kid
what i learned reading road & track's 'big & fast cars' book for kids, by a kid
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road & track has just published a book for kids, and i got a special advance copy. big & fast cars was interesting, and i learned a lot. like that you can’t have a gorilla in the back seat of your car in massachusetts, or that porsche’s headquarters are in stuttgart, germany, and built on the grounds of a horse farm, or that there’s a bucket loader that can dig a swimming pool in three scoops.

this is a big book, so i also found out about some cars i hadn’t heard of, like the sherpa off-roader and the citroën 19_19 concept car.

it’s not all about cars, either. it’s got roller coasters, mars rovers, tanks, a jet-powered school bus, monster trucks and a life-sized mario kart (that would be so fun).

and it’s funny. i liked the chart where you figure out what kind of space traveler you’d be, or the fill-in-the-blanks about a top-secret spy mission. the chart where you figure out which type of paint job matches your personality told me i’m a wild custom hot rod. i think that’s right.

finn dyer is 10 but already owns an impressive fleet of cars (in forza horizon 5). in real life, he likes going fast and getting big air on his bike, or skis, or pogo stick. his dream car, right now, is a ford bronco raptor.

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