Watch the Trailer for Gran Turismo 7, Which Is Coming on March 4
watch the trailer for gran turismo 7, which is coming on march 4
gran turismo

ever since it first made its debut back in 1992, the gran turismo series has been a favorite title among automotive enthusiasts and gamers alike. with the seventh main title entry in the series well underway, fans of the sony-exclusive racing game have just been treated to another showcase trailer. not only does this highlight some of the vehicles that players will have a chance to race, but it confirms a number of the locations and features coming to gran turismo 7.

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the trailer begins with a cinematic closeup of a headlight belonging to the porsche 917 living legend concept from 2019. as the camera pulls away, we can see that the concept racer is flanked by several historic models from stuttgart, including a proper 917, a 962, and what appears to be a 911 gt2 rs. those machines alone should be enough to excite any virtual racer, but the goodness doesn't stop there. as "moon over the castle" plays in the background, the trailer moves through a bunch of seriously exciting automobiles of all varieties. jdm icons like the a80 and a90 toyota supra, gr yaris, and several different nissan gt-rs make a notable appearance, while entries like the mercedes-benz clk gtr, ferrari fxx-k, and bugatti bolide provide an entirely different level of performance.

players will also have the ability to customize their ride with an extensive catalog of parts and visual enhancements once again. whether this be in the form of installing a turbocharger or a designing a new livery, gran turismo 7 will allow players to shape their cars however they see fit. that level of adjustability will be crucial for players hunting lap times around the game's many tracks. gran turismo 7 features a ton of locations long-time players will be familiar with, such as dragon trail, high speed ring, trial mountain, and tokyo expressway. more famous locales like the nordschleife and circuit de la sarthe are of course present as well.

                  gran turismo 7 is slated to arrive on march 4, 2022, for both the ps4 and ps5 consoles.

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