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Watch the New Ford Bronco Attempt to Traverse the Rubicon Trail

Watch the New Ford Bronco Attempt to Traverse the Rubicon Trail

up until now, most of the off-roading footage we've seen of the 2021 ford bronco was official promotional b-roll shown by ford, edited to make the suv look as capable as humanly possible, in ideal conditions. this new clip, uploaded to the forum, gives us our best look yet at how the reborn bronco can realistically handle a challenging trail.

late wednesday, user volkswaben published footage, as well as a handful of high-quality pictures, of what appear to be three pre-production broncos exploring the rubicon trail. the rubicon, if you're not familiar, is one of the most popular trails in the united states. located in northern california, it's a premier destination for die-hard off-roaders, iconic enough that jeep even named a trim after it.

the video above depicts a two-door model attempting to climb a particularly tricky section of rock. judging by the grille, this particular bronco seems to be a badlands trim, though because these are likely pre-production examples, we can't say for sure what's underneath. what we can see, though, are massive all-terrain tires mounted on bead-lock wheels—a solid off-roading setup.

a separate post on the forum shows what look to be the same three broncos parked up at a motel after testing, with plenty of battle scars to show for it. there are close-up pictures of the smashed in bumpers, scraped metal body panels, and dented skid plates. if you needed more proof the new bronco is a genuine jeep wrangler competitor, this is it.

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