Volvo XC40 Recharge Refreshed to Resemble Coupelike C40

Volvo XC40 Recharge Refreshed to Resemble Coupelike C40
  • volvo has facelifted the xc40 recharge with a new front bumper and triangular headlights similar to the design found on the c40 recharge.
  • the c40 recharge also adds a new single-motor, front-wheel-drive variant.
  • volvo won’t yet divulge the u.s.-market plans for these models, but said that more information will come in the spring.

    volvo is rapidly moving towards an all-electric future, with news emerging earlier this week of five new evs coming in the next few years, including two wagon-like "activity vehicles" and a sedan. but before those models arrive, volvo's first electric vehicle is getting an update, with volvo announcing today a facelift for the xc40 recharge that brings its styling in line with the sleeker, coupelike c40 recharge introduced last year.

    the facelift is subtle, with a resculpted front bumper and a frameless grille cover matching the front end of the c40 recharge. the electric xc40 also gains the pointier headlights of its sloped-roof brother, which continues to feature volvo's assertive thor's hammer led lighting signature. inside, the xc40 recharge gains non-leather upholstery options, while new paint colors and wheel options will be available, although volvo has yet to specify what these will be.

    meanwhile, the c40 recharge is also gaining a new variant. slotting below the current dual-motor version of the c40 will be a single-motor model. the motor sends power to the front wheels and comes with a 69.0-kwh battery, versus the 78.0-kwh unit in the dual-motor c40. volvo says this variant of the c40 recharge will get about 270 miles of range on the more lenient european wltp testing cycle. volvo also claims that the c40 recharge will be able to charge from 10 to 80 percent in around 32 minutes when plugged into a fast charger.

    volvo would not confirm u.s. market availability for either vehicle, but a spokesperson did tell car and driver that more information will come in the spring. the updated xc40 recharge is almost guaranteed to reach our shores, likely for the 2023 model year, but given that volvo doesn't offer the single-motor xc40 recharge stateside, the new c40 variant could remain forbidden fruit.

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