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Video Gives Best Look Yet at Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Wagon

Video Gives Best Look Yet at Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Wagon

porsche has been planning to release a wagon version of its ev sedan, the taycan, for some time now. just last week we learned that car, the taycan cross turismo, would be delayed to next year due to overwhelming demand for the sedan. but that hasn't stopped engineers from testing it on the nürburgring.

automotive mike on youtube was lucky enough to snag footage of what is almost certainly a taycan cross turimo test mule snaking its way through the green hell during a recent industry test pool session. aside from from small winglets at either corner of the front bumper, the fascia looks identical to the taycan sedan. the rear end seems to share much of its design with the panamera sport turismo wagon, which makes sense. the tailgate is also shrouded by fake taillamp stickers to obscure the car's true shape.

being electric, there's not much powertrain-wise we can discern from the car's soundtrack—or lack thereof, in this case. if the cross turismo is anything like the standard taycan, it could get several trims, including a base car, a 4s, a turbo, and a turbo s, the latter of which produces up to 750 horsepower in the sedan. whether power output will be the same in the wagon has yet to be determined. we're excited either way.

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