V-12–Powered Ferrari BR20 One-Off Is a Sleeker GTC4Lusso Coupe

V-12–Powered Ferrari BR20 One-Off Is a Sleeker GTC4Lusso Coupe
V-12–Powered Ferrari BR20 One-Off Is a Sleeker GTC4Lusso Coupe
  • Ferrari has a new one-off creation, the V-12-powered BR20, based on the GTC4Lusso.
  • The BR20 gets a sleek roofline, thanks to Ferrari removing the rear seats.
  • The interior features two shades of rich brown leather and carbon-fiber accents.

    Nearly every year, Ferrari’s Special Projects division crafts an exquisite, limited-production model for a select group of extremely wealthy clientele. Last year it was the Omologata, a sleek one-off based on the 812 Superfast, while 2019 brought the bonkers P80/C, a unique track toy using the 488 GT3 as a starting point. As 2021 draws to a close, Ferrari’s Special Projects team has burst back on the scene with the BR20, a two-seat V-12 coupe developed from the GTC4Lusso shooting brake as an homage to the iconic Ferrari coupes of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

    While the GTC4Lusso is the most usable Ferrari (at least until the Purosangue SUV arrives next year) thanks to its hatchback and four seats, the BR20 ditches the rear chairs in favor of a rakish roofline, making it look like the 812 Superfast from some angles. Under the hood lies the GTC4Lusso’s 6.3-liter V-12, and Ferrari doesn’t mention any mechanical modifications, meaning the BR20 is good for the same 680 horsepower and 514 pound-feet of torque as the donor car.

    The engine may be unchanged, the but bodywork certainly isn’t. The BR20 is three inches longer than the GTC4Lusso and the elegant roofline calls to mind classics like the 500 Superfast. An aerodynamic channel in the rear pillar creates a flying buttress, while the roof is painted black. The BR20 retains the dual taillight look from the GTC4Lusso but pairs it with a more chiseled rear bumper with a diffuser that works in conjunction with active flaps on the underbody. Dual exhaust tips poke out from either side of the bumper. Up front, the wide-mouthed grille features a thin carbon fiber mustache with chrome inserts, while the headlights are lower and smaller than those on the GTC4Lusso.

    The cabin appears very similar in design to the donor car but is swathed in two shades of brown leather and decorated with carbon fiber. The seats are wrapped in dark brown Heritage Testa di Moro leather with silver cross-stitching, while the rear bench and luggage compartment are decked out in oak trim with carbon fiber accents. Ferrari says the BR20 was developed for a long-standing customer, and while there is no word on what it costs, the graceful one-off was probably a sizable sum more than the GTC4Lusso’s $303,750 starting price.

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