This Tiny Teardrop Camping Trailer Is as Cool as It Is Cute
This Tiny Teardrop Camping Trailer Is as Cool as It Is Cute
Ultimate Toys

Camping trailers are a killer way to hit the open road and see the world on vacation, but deciding which size to go with certainly requires weighing some compromises. Go big, and you gain space and creature comforts, but towing requires a big vehicle and a lot of care; go small, and far more campsites are open to you, but you may not have the room for people and gear (like, say, a toilet) that you want.

Luckily, the Ultimate Camper from Ultimate Toys manages to combine many of the best attributes of large and small camping trailers into one — we're not ashamed to call it adorable — package.

Unlike, for example, Winnebago's small Hike 100, the Ultimate Camper comes with just one floor plan for now: a compact layout that puts the wet bath and kitchen at the front of the trailer, with the dinette area toward the rear. That dinette can seat up to five (if those five don't mind getting cozy), but three of them will have to leave come bedtime; the banquettes fold down to create a queen-sized bed for two.

The company's website doesn't reveal any info about the water tanks, but you won't have to worry about a black water one; the Ultimate Camper uses a cassette toilet like the ones found on many camper vans, rather than a full flushing unit like most larger camping trailers and RVs.

The primary kitchen, located inside, packs a two-burner push-button propane stove and a microwave for cooking duties, as well as a stainless steel sink for prep and cleanup. If the weather's nice outside (or if the 69-inch interior height makes standing tough for long periods), you can also cook in the exterior kitchen mounted in the stern, which offers a sink, an ice chest, and a grille (and speakers, so you can jam out while grilling, of course).

At 15 feet 3 inches long and just 2500 pounds unladen (with a maximum moving weight of 2900 pounds), the Ultimate Camper is light enough to be towed by most SUVs and trucks. Depending on your personal style predilections, you can choose between two vintage designs: the Classic and the Woody.

Ultimate Toys hasn't listed a price for this teardrop trailer just yet, but assuming it falls in line with the broader market, we'd expect it to come in somewhere between $20K–$30K.

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date : 2021-10-25 04:01:08