Tesla Removes Cybertruck Specs from Website, Still Taking Deposits
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  • we all know by now that tesla doesn't follow the rules or traditions of other automakers as it launches new models, so the fact that previously announced specs for the upcoming cybertruck have disappeared from the company website isn't exactly a huge surprise.
  • the removal of these details does make us wonder if the recently announced production delay is really about changing more than the delivery date.
  • if you want to buy an actual, physical cybertruck, you can do that by checking out the $250 mega x cybertruck brick model, which comes with cute easter eggs re-created in plastic.

    the tesla cybertruck saga continues to roll along on its own path. from its divisive, angular styling to delays for when the truck is supposed to go into production, the cybertruck is the perfect vehicle for those uninterested in a standard new-vehicle buying experience. the latest twist is that even the few details tesla previously offered about the truck might not be as locked in as fans might wish.

    previously, for example, tesla said the cybertruck would come in three main flavors: a rear-wheel-drive model for $39,990, an all-wheel-drive option for $49,990, and a tri-motor option for $69,990. these prices and other specs, like its 500-plus miles of range and zero-to-60-mph time of under 2.9 seconds (in the top tri-motor configuration), were removed from tesla's website this week.

    tesla doesn't have a traditional pr department, so the company did not release a statement about why details about the cybertruck were taken off the site. similarly, ceo elon musk's twitter feed is silent on the matter.

    while the specs have been taken down from tesla's official site, you can still find them on car and driver and other automotive sites. the big question now is if tesla is simply updating the specs as it reconfigures what, exactly, it will offer when the truck actually goes on sale in the future or if the continued delays and this spec disappearance hint at larger changes coming between what was promised and what will be delivered. tesla was supposed to start production of the cybertruck this year, but that was recently pushed back to 2022, and it's not inconceivable that the delay means details on what will eventually be delivered have changed. without an official statement from musk or tesla, though, all we can do is guess about the reasons behind the removal.

    for what it's worth, tesla is still taking $100 refundable deposits for the cybertruck. now, though, instead of picking a trim based on specs that tesla has previously promoted, if you click to pay your deposit, the site simply says, "you will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in 2022."

    the good news is you can still buy an actual, physical cybertruck online today, just not from tesla. in addition to the hot wheels rc cybertruck we told you about recently, there's a new one from mattel. the toymaker has started taking orders for a $250 mega blocks (i.e., non-lego plastic toy) model you put together yourself called the mega x cybertruck. this "collector's building set" is made up of 3283 pieces and costs $250, with a limit of two per person.

    as befitting a desktop toy for the cybertruck lover, this model includes a working tonneau cover, a folding tailgate, and easter eggs like driver's-side windows that look like they're cracked, a nod to the ironic "these windows won't break" demonstration when the truck was unveiled in 2019 and the window did, indeed, shatter. mattel is promising that orders for the mega x cybertruck model placed now will be shipped out in december. if the company really wants to provide customers with an authentic cybertruck experience, it should push that back to january, at the very least.

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    date : 2021-10-17 04:01:34