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Tesla Posts Video Claiming Model S Has Set Fastest-Four-Door Record with "Amateur Driver"

Tesla Posts Video Claiming Model S Has Set Fastest-Four-Door Record with "Amateur Driver"
tesla posts video claiming model s has set fastest-four-door record with
tesla via twitter
  • tesla has posted a short video on twitter, claiming that a model s has set a record for fastest four-door, with a time of 1:36.555 at the laguna seca racetrack.
  • elon musk's own tweets had not given a time, specs on the model s used in the attempt, or any other information, but he did promise a video, and tesla posted one on wednesday evening.
  • meanwhile, musk has dialed back on his claim that a model s will contest the porsche taycan's time at the nürburgring.

    9/11/19, 9:30 p.m.: this story has been updated with the video below and the statement from tesla, via a spokesperson directly to c/d as well as on twitter, that the driver of the model s in the video was "an amateur" from tesla's development team.

    confusion still hangs in the air over elon musk’s most recent claims on twitter. but that hasn’t stopped musk from making a new round of not entirely clear pronouncements on his favored social-media channel.

    musk tweeted last night that the tesla model s had just taken the lap record for four-door production cars at california's weathertech raceway laguna seca. he provided no information regarding the specification of the record-breaking model s or the lap time it achieved. a tesla representative told c/d "more details" will be forthcoming, although when is not yet clear. musk claimed on twitter that a video will be released on thursday, september 12.

    last night's claim comes hot on the heels of musk's announcement that a model s would soon be at the nürburgring nordschleife. this was seen as an apparent response to porsche's recent announcement of its production electric-car lap record with the taycan turbo s at the storied german racetrack, an impression strengthened by his goading of porsche for its use of the word "turbo" as part of the name of its electric car. technically, musk never said the car would be at the 'ring to attempt a record run. and, indeed, after nürburgring sources noted that tesla did not have exclusive use of the track this week, something required for a record run, musk tweeted that the company " . . . probably won't try for a best lap time this week . . ."

    musk added that tesla would need to "review & tune" the model s for safety at the nürburgring. there's no doubt that the 'ring is a potentially very dangerous place. automakers do sometimes add safety gear to their cars for lap times there. porsche noted that its taycan turbo s record car was fitted with a racing seat to protect the driver. the company claims, though, that the car, while a pre-production example, was otherwise entirely stock with regard to its hard- and software.

    it should be noted that nürburgring lap times are self-reported by carmakers and are not subject to the scrutiny of any sanctioning body. so, buyer beware.

    porsche says it welcomes the competition. the company's president and ceo for north america told cnet: "anyone who’s trying to go [to the nürburgring] to see how you're doing, we have great respect for. we love the competition."

    and it appears, if tweets are to be believed, that there will be more competition there. musk added that the tesla roadster would be making the trip to the ‘ring next year.