Subaru Reveals More of Solterra EV, Arriving in 2022
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  • subaru has announced a name for its new ev crossover: solterra.
  • it uses a new platform that is shared with the toyota bz4x and it has standard all-wheel drive.
  • the solterra will arrive in the u.s. in 2022.

    update 8/31/21: subaru has revealed more teaser photos of the solterra, showing glimpses of its exterior and a look at its interior. it looks similar inside and out to the toyota bz4x, with which it will share a platform and powertrain. subaru says it will arrive in the u.s. in mid-2022.

    subaru will soon be joining the ev crossover craze with a new model that we now know will be called solterra. combining the latin words for "sun" and earth," this new moniker is meant to emphasize the car's environmentally friendly milieu. the solterra will go on sale in the u.s. in 2022 and newly released teaser photos give us an idea of its overall shape and a few details.

    the 2023 subaru solterra shares its platform with the recently revealed toyota bz4x as part of a joint venture between the two automakers. its headlights look similar to the toyota's, and the subaru version will likely be the same size as the toyota, which fits into the compact-crossover segment alongside models such as the rav4 and forester.

    the only details we have about the powertrain so far is that the solterra will have standard all-wheel drive. that likely means it will have front and rear electric motors. battery capacity is also unknown but we figure it will need an estimated driving range of at least 250 miles to be competitive with other models in this segment such as the vw id.4 and ford mustang mach-e.

    subaru has not yet announced a reveal date for the solterra, but we expect to see it before the end of 2021 before it goes on sale next year.

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