See the 2023 Chevy C8 Corvette Z06s Colors and Options

See the 2023 Chevy C8 Corvette Z06s Colors and Options
  • chevy just revealed the new c8 corvette z06, and a visualizer tool shows all of the color, wheel, and interior options.
  • there are 11 exterior colors, eight wheel options, and seven interior choices.
  • the 2023 corvette z06 will enter production in the summer of next year.

    the chevrolet c8 corvette z06 is finally here with a 670-hp naturally aspirated 5.5-liter v-8 with a flat-plane crankshaft. it's the most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever installed in a road car, and it revs all the way up to 8600 rpm. it's available with a z07 performance package that adds aggressive aero, carbon ceramic brakes, carbon fiber wheels, and michelin pilot sport cup 2 tires. chevy has an online visualizer tool that lets you build a new z06 with colors, roof options, wheels, and interior colors, which gives a look at how you can spec the high-performance 'vette. these are some of the options:

    there are eleven exterior color choices that include caffeine, hypersonic grey, and amplify orange, some of which were recently added to the c8 stingray's color palette. like the stingray, the z06 is available in coupe and convertible configurations, and both have three roof options. the coupe can have either a body color, visible carbon fiber, or transparent roof, while the droptop can have a body color or carbon fiber roof either visible or painted.

    equip the track-focused z07 performance package and you get carbon ceramic brakes and a set of five-spoke carbon fiber wheels, either visible carbon weave or painted black. without the track package, the z06 has one wheel style, but it's available in six different finishes including black and satin graphite.

    a full adrenaline red interior is new for the c8 z06 and it can also be had with black trim. there are five other options including black, grey, two-tone blue, and tan. z06 cars also have a carbon fiber steering wheel and carbon paddle shifters, and the carbon trim can be extended with two available levels with one that has carbon trim on the door armrests (pictured). a stealth interior trim package is also available.

    there will be plenty of configurations to choose from on the 2023 chevy c8 corvette z06 when it goes on sale later next year, and pricing is expected to start around $90,000. we know our favorite specs so far, but share yours with us so we can see your dream z06.

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