See 2022 Honda Civic Si Teased in Racing Version with Big Wing
  • the 11th-generation honda civic will receive the si treatment soon, and honda has released a new set of teasers ahead of its debut.
  • the teasers show honda testing the civic si around thunderhill raceway, where it will compete in the 25 hours of thunderhill in december.
  • the version honda showed appears decked out for motorsports, with a towering rear wing, sizable front splitter, and air vents in the hood.

    while the new 11th generation of honda’s popular civic looks more grown up than ever before, the more mature styling does not mean that honda will skip out on performance versions of its newest compact car. as we previously reported, honda is planning a new civic si, as well as a hard-core type r, and with the si set to be revealed soon, honda has released a new batch of teasers for its sporty civic.

    the teasers show honda testing the new si at thunderhill raceway in california, and the most striking detail is the ginormous wing strapped to the civic's decklid. that aerodynamic aid will likely not appear on the production vehicle. instead, it will be fitted to a racing version of the new civic si that honda says will compete in the 25 hours of thunderhill, which will be run december 3–5.

    other than the wing, visual changes to the si model appear limited, although the camouflage wrap may be masking some details. there's a chunky front splitter and two large vents in the hood, although these alterations could also be specific to the racing version. the civic si is expected to arrive with a more powerful turbocharged four-cylinder and a sport-tuned suspension, with a manual transmission at least available as an option. the interior will also likely gain sport seats and other small changes. the civic si is expected to be revealed later this month.

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