Rolls-Royce Spectre Will Feature a New EV-Spirited Spirit of Ecstasy
rolls-royce spectre will feature a new ev-spirited spirit of ecstasy
  • rolls-royce's spectre ev will feature a revised version of the spirit of ecstasy that it claims is more aerodynamic.
  • the updated hood ornament is 0.7 inch shorter than today's silver lady and includes updates to the design of the piece.
  • roll-royce will retain the current ornament on its range of gas-powered vehicles.

    even rolls-royce's spirit of ecstasy requires a little cosmetic surgery every now and then, as the british brand revealed an updated look for its illustrious hood ornament. at 3.3 inches tall, the latest version of the spirit of ecstasy is almost 0.7 inch shorter than today's version.

    rolls-royce did more than just miniaturize the decorative piece; it also subtly restyled the silver lady, altering her flowing robes ever so slightly (that's right, those are robes, not wings) and adjusting her stance. as a result, the flying . . . er, robed lady no longer stands with her feet together and legs straight. instead, her legs are now slightly bent, with one positioned ahead of the other. below you can compare the new hood ornament (left) with the old one, shown on the cullinan.

    rolls-royce's plans to fit the new spirit of ecstasy to the 2024 spectre electric vehicle, and it claims the ornament's more aerodynamic shape plays a role in the coefficient of drag (cd) of 0.26 (a figure equal to that of the likes of the since-discontinued bmw i8 hybrid sports car) recorded by prototypes of the upcoming battery-powered coupe. alas, rolls failed to disclose the cd of spectre prototypes fitted with today's spirit of ecstasy. as such, it's difficult to determine the real role the silver lady's cosmetic upgrades provide in the wind tunnel, and, in turn, if it helps noticeably improve the two-door ev's energy consumption at speed.

    regardless, we wager its effects are not especially significant considering rolls is opting to maintain the current spirit of ecstasy on its gas-powered phantom, ghost, and cullinan models, none of which is a poster child for fuel efficiency. the new ornament, meanwhile, is earmarked for future rolls-royce vehicles, including the spectre.

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    date : 2022-02-07 05:01:19