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Range Rover Releases More Details on 2023 SV Ultra-Luxury Model

Range Rover Releases More Details on 2023 SV Ultra-Luxury Model
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  • land rover has shared more information about the 2023 range rover sv, which will sit at the top of the new model's lineup.
  • all sv models come with a twin-turbo 4.4-liter v-8 engine with 523 horsepower.
  • it will be available in short- and long-wheelbase configurations and orders open in early 2022.

    in case you're worried about your new range rover resembling your neighbor's too closely, the range-topping sv trim level arriving for 2023 should alleviate your fears. it will offer numerous customization possibilities for the exterior and interior, so much so that land rover claims 1.6 million different configurations are possible. available in short- and long-wheelbase forms, the 2023 range rover sv will be available to order starting in early 2022, and you'll have plenty of choices for how to make it your own.

    for starters, the sv has a different front grille and bumpers compared with the se, hse, and autobiography models, plus a distinctive ceramic sv badge. it offers seven different wheel options and 14 colors in addition to the standard palette. you can even do a custom paint-to-sample of just about any hue imaginable for an extra charge.

    inside, you'll have your choice of several different leather upholsteries along with a special fabric option. the shifter and many other knobs inside the cabin are ceramic, while a variety of wood veneers are also available. two different interior "themes" include either serenity or intrepid. and the long-wheelbase model will offer an optional four-seat setup with a fold-down table and refrigerator. now that's decadence.

    the sv comes standard with the optional 523-hp twin-turbo 4.4-liter v-8 engine that's sourced from bmw. range rover hasn't yet announced a price for the sv, but we think it could have a starting price approaching $200,000—and that's before you start customizing it to fit your own tastes. it will be available to order starting in early 2022.

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