Ram to Build Its First EV Truck, Asks Real Folks for Input

Ram to Build Its First EV Truck, Asks Real Folks for Input
ram to build its first ev truck, asks real folks for input
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  • ram has launched ramrevolution.com to gather real-world input from consumers on its upcoming ram 1500 ev.
  • it'll also conduct a yearlong series called the ram real talk tour to learn what owners want from ev trucks and vans.
  • when ram's first electric truck arrives in 2024, it'll compete with the ford f-150 lightning and the chevrolet silverado ev.

    remember those chevy commercials featuring "real people, not actors"? well, the ram brand–perhaps remembered for its "guts. glory. ram." ads–isn't asking people to act, it's asking them to give their input on the upcoming ram 1500 ev, which is expected to arrive sometime in 2024.

    the company has launched the alliteratively titled ramrevolution.com to start gathering comments, questions, and concerns. on the site, users can receive updates as well as other exclusive content and images. ram says the website is also intended to give consumers a more in-depth look at the development process of the brand's electric vehicles.

    but wait, there's more. ram is also planning to conduct a yearlong tour talking with owners to try to figure out what they actually need and want from electric trucks and vans in daily life. (spoiler alert: it's probably driving range, especially range with a payload and while towing.) again, ram kills it in the alliteration department, calling the events the ram real talk tour.

    while there's no way to know how much the feedback will actually influence the company's first all-electric pickup truck, the website and the tour at least sound like an interesting way of crowdsourcing. at the very least, we hope someone can help ram's marketing team come up with a name for its massively important pickup that's better than just "ram 1500 ev."

    only time will tell how ram's late start will impact it versus competitors with electric pickups that will have already made it to market, including the chevy silverado ev, the ford f-150 lightning, the gmc hummer ev, and the rivian r1t. ram says it plans to offer electric models in the majority of its segments by 2025 and have a full lineup of evs no later than 2030.

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