Porsche Confirms That Sporty 911 Hybrid Will Not Be a Plug-In

Porsche Confirms That Sporty 911 Hybrid Will Not Be a Plug-In
  • porsche ceo oliver blume told media at a roundtable interview on thursday that when the hybridized 911 arrives, it will not be a plug-in hybrid.
  • blume called it a "sporty hybrid" and said it takes inspiration from the le mans–winning 919 hybrid race car.
  • blume also reaffirmed that the 718 will be electrified while maintaining its mid-engine proportions.

    porsche has been mulling a hybridized 911 for a long time. back in 2017, when the current 992 generation was still under development, porsche was going back and forth on whether it wanted to sell a 911 hybrid and what form that hybrid would take. three model years into the 992’s production run, the hybrid model has yet to appear, but at a roundtable interview yesterday, porsche ceo oliver blume confirmed its existence and dropped a few hints about what we can expect from a 911 hybrid.

    previous reports had suggested that the electrified 911 would arrive as a plug-in hybrid, but at the roundtable blume explicitly said that the 911 will not be plug-in, with that duty left to the cayenne suv and panamera models. instead, he described the 911 as a "sporty hybrid" and even said it was inspired by the 919 hybrid, an endurance race car that won the 24 hours of le mans in 2015, 2016, and 2017. when asked whether the 911 gt models, such as the gt3, would receive hybridization in the future, blume simply responded that we should expect "surprises" from the 911 down the line.

    at the roundtable, blume also reaffirmed that the smaller 718 lineup will spawn an all-electric model in 2025, which will retain the classic mid-engined roadster dimensions. the macan ev that will arrive for the u.s. in 2024 was confirmed again, and porsche also reiterated its ongoing development of synthetic fuels. the automaker said it is aiming for 80 percent of its sales to be fully electric by 2030, with synthetic fuel helping bridge the remaining gap.

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