Polestar Partners with Suppliers to Make Its EVs Climate Neutral
polestar partners with suppliers to make its evs climate neutral
  • polestar is partnering with major automotive suppliers, targeting to create a car using zero carbon emissions by 2030.
  • as part of the polestar 0 project, the supply partners include autoliv, maker of safety equipment, and zf, which builds electric powertrains.
  • as volvo's all-electric arm, polestar's lineup includes the four-door 2 hatchback and the upcoming 3 suv.

    polestar wants to develop a car by using zero carbon emissions, and it's partnering with major suppliers in the automotive industry in an attempt to do so. the company committed to creating a carbon-neutral car last year, naming the initiative the polestar 0 project.

    the project's stated goal is to eliminate carbon emissions from the supply chain, essentially changing how vehicles are made. when it was first announced last year, polestar's plan included creating the carbon-neutral car by 2030 and for the whole company to be fully carbon-neutral by 2040. the latest step toward making those goals a reality is today's news that polestar has signed letters of intent to collaborate with several important suppliers in the industry.

    these suppliers will specialize in producing zero-carbon everything, from aluminum parts to steel to electrical components. among the most notable suppliers are autoliv and zf. the former is focusing on safety equipment like airbags and seatbelts, while the latter is handling electric powertrains and how they can contribute to eliminating carbon emissions.

    polestar also says it isn't finished fishing for partners to help efforts for complete carbon neutrality. the swedish company says it's looking for additional collaborators beyond the automotive sector, with invitations to be extended over the next four weeks to researchers and organizations around the globe.

    for those unfamiliar with polestar, it more recently morphed from volvo's performance subbrand into its own all-electric brand. after the limited-production polestar 1 coupe's end of production last year, the lineup currently consists of just the polestar 2, a four-door hatchback-sedan creation. however, the polestar 3 suv and polestar 5 sedan will come to market over the next couple of years and likely help grow the company's cachet.

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    date : 2022-02-24 05:01:26