Polestar O2 Electric Roadster Concept Has Its Own Drone
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  • the polestar o2 concept is a two-door, hardtop electric roadster riding on the bespoke aluminum platform set to underpin the 2024 polestar 5.
  • the design is similar to the precept concept, with sharp, minimalist lines.
  • a drone can be deployed and autonomously follow the car at up to 56 mph, filming content that can be edited and shared directly from the car.

    polestar already confirmed that the stunning precept concept from 2020 will reach production in 2024 as the polestar 5 riding on a bespoke bonded aluminum chassis. now polestar is showing more of what can be done with the 5's new platform with the o2 concept, a sharp two-door electric roadster.

    the o2 (which polestar stylizes as o₂ like the molecular formula for oxygen) features front and rear lights similar to those on the original precept concept but with a cleaner, sleeker front bumper. the proportions are balanced, with the cabin sitting perfectly in the center of the car. there's a blacked-out a-pillar, giving off a hint of the new nissan z when the hard top is up. polestar says that the bonded aluminum chassis will increase rigidity and improve body control while also keeping weight down. no specifics about the electric powertrain were revealed.

    aerodynamics play a big role on the o2. ducts that exit behind the front wheels help smooth airflow over the side, and polestar says the thin taillight acts as "air blades" to quell turbulence off the rear of the roadster. there is also aerofoil behind the rear seats that extends to create a "calm area of negative pressure"—crucial for the o2's pièce de résistance, a drone, to take off. the autonomous drone can follow the car at up to 56 mph, with the driver able to select whether they want the drone to film an "atmospheric sequence" or an "action-filled sequence." the video can then be edited and shared directly from the 15-inch center screen when the o2 is parked.

    inside, the o2 features a recycled polyester for the soft-touch areas as well as lots of aluminum. there are currently no plans to put the polestar o2 concept into production, but since it rides on the same platform as the upcoming 5, it isn't out of the realm of possibility.

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    date : 2022-03-03 05:01:24