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Picking Cars for One Another: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Picking Cars for One Another: Window Shop with Car and Driver

like every window shop episode, this one features used vehicles for sale online selected by the talking heads that make up this "show." unlike every other window shop episode, no shopper picked the car that he's presenting. that task fell to his coworkers, who weren't kind in their choices. crowning the winner isn't based on the best car, but rather how well the shopper-turned-salesman handles the surprise and hypes up the car he's given.

it's easy to find obscure and esoteric things that we know nothing about, but the point here was to find something that the presenter would never choose, something that goes against everything he believes in. the harder the sell, the better. oh, the budget was $30,000, if that's important to you.

road & track senior editor john pearley huffman is up first and faces deputy testing director k.c. colwell's find. pearley rolls masterfully with the rolls-inspired 1983 cadillac seville. this segues into senior editor joey capparella's hilarious attempt to sell a ford econoline conversion van chosen for him by deputy editor tony quiroga.

known for his love of expensive, exotic, and beautiful machines, contributor jonathon ramsey is visibly shaken by the idea of extolling the virtues the pontiac torrent, a capparella selection. at least the torrent is the 263-hp gxp model.

ramsey tries to befuddle colwell with a heavily modified car that started its life as a nissan 370z. despite the car's automatic transmission, cheap tires, and aftermarket everything, colwell makes it through the presentation, pointing out all the best bits.

finally, quiroga faces the wrath of huffman, who picks a commercial freightliner moving van that stops quiroga in his tracks. pearley does admit to not reading the challenge, but hilarity ensues.

we couldn't pick a winner, so we're leaving this one up to you. in the comments section, please let us know who you think picked the best (worst) car and who did the best job with what he was given.

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