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Our Best Look Yet at the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Our Best Look Yet at the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
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the upcoming c8-generation corvette z06 is expected to be headlined by a flat-plane-crank dohc v-8 based on the engine in the c8.r racing car, but the fastest and most track-focused c8 yet will also feature some pretty aggressive new aerodynamic options. a report last summer indicated those would include an active splitter and rear wing. new spy shots of a z06 apparently testing near the nürburgring with minimal camouflage appear to show those elements in action.

the aggressive rear wing jumps out immediately. while previous-generation z06s were available with optional aerodynamic elements as part of the z07 performance package, the body-shaped rear wing spotted on this particular c8 is a new benchmark for serious downforce generation from the factory. reports indicate that this will be an active piece, something also expected from the aggressive front splitter and dive planes.

the model being tested also appears to show carbon fiber wheels, another expected option for the z07 package. the wheels are a relatively new industry benchmark, one that greatly reduces unsprung weight while also reducing some road noise.

gm previously revealed that the c8 z06 would be revealed later this fall, but it will likely be sold as a 2023 model-year vehicle. if the previous-generation z06 is any indication, it should be priced around $85,000.

when it is eventually revealed, its unique sounds will be among its most distinguishing features. the first teaser trailer for the car included some onboard footage, revealing what may be the most exotic-sounding car available for under $300,000 right now. roadside clips of the car's launch control systems we shared back in may give an even better glimpse. that noise comes thanks to a rumored 617-hp naturally aspirated engine, a number that dwarfs the 500 horsepower the motor is estimated to make in the championship-winning c8.r racer.

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