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Our 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Finally Needed Maintenance

When we bought our 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, we expected that things would probably go wrong with it at some point. That isn't a knock on Chrysler; we've had all sorts of issues with our long-term test cars, from rusting door handles to upholstery discoloration to a Used Engine /">complete Used Engine replacement. After nearly 9,000 miles of driving, why did we need to take it into a dealership? An oil change and tire rotation, part of its scheduled maintenance.

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While at the dealership, we went ahead and splurged on some new front wiper blades. The originals had survived a rough Chicago winter and were starting to struggle, posing a safety hazard for our staff.

The whole experience was painless, and we even managed to catch up on some work with the dealership's free Wi-Fi — and a few episodes of "House Hunters" thanks to the waiting-area TV. (Who decorates a room with a nautical theme when they live in Iowa?)

The total cost came to $130.49. Including our fuel costs through the 7,000-mile mark, we've finally crossed the thousand-dollar threshold at a total ownership cost of $1,005.05.