Nissan Shows Future EV Concepts Including a Cute Pickup Truck

Nissan Shows Future EV Concepts Including a Cute Pickup Truck
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  • nissan has shared a comprehensive plan for future electric vehicles.
  • four ev concept cars comprise a pickup truck, a convertible sports car, and two crossovers and preview future electric models.
  • nissan also says it will be producing solid-state batteries by 2028, which will reduce cost dramatically.

    nissan is the latest automaker to share its far-reaching future plans for electric vehicles, and we're excited to see four new concept cars that give a good idea of some of the 15 new ev models that will arrive by 2030. a small pickup truck called the surf-out concept is perhaps the most noteworthy of these, but a convertible sports car called the max-out also piqued our interest. a boxy crossover called the hang-out is also included, while another small suv concept called the chill-out looks to be the closest to production.

    while it's difficult to gauge the exact dimensions, the surf-out appears to be a small pickup truck that could slot into the lineup below the mid-size frontier. it has a futuristic look with interesting lighting setups front and rear and a minimalist interior with a huge screen spanning the width of the dashboard. nissan says it has some amount of off-road capability thanks to an e-4orce all-wheel-drive setup and it also features some sort of onboard generator.

    this convertible is the sportiest of the four concepts, with a low-slung stance and an emphasis on performance. nissan says that it is lightweight and has a low center of gravity. the two seats are configurable and can flatten into the floor to transform the interior space.

    this boxy small suv strikes us as a spiritual successor to the nissan cube. it has a low floor and a tall roof, making for a lounge-like, spacious interior. the four seats rotate and move around in several different configurations, including one that creates a movie-theater-like space that appears to use a projector and a giant screen at the rear of the cabin. like the other concepts, it has an e-4orce all-wheel-drive setup and propilot driver-assitance technologies.

    the least futuristic of the concepts, the chill-out appears to foretell a production model that isn't too far down the road. it looks somewhat like the ariya but slightly smaller, and nissan says it rides on the company's cmf-ev platform. we expect this to arrive sooner rather than later as a subcompact ev crossover slotting in below the ariya in terms of size and price.

    look for more news to come from nissan in the near future about these big plans for ev models. other claims include a new battery plant set to open in the u.s. by fiscal year 2025 and for evs to make up 40 percent of the company's u.s. sales by fiscal year 2030.

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