Next-Gen Ford Ranger Pickup Teased for First Time in Test Video
  • ford’s australian and european divisions released teasers of the next-generation ranger, showing it conquering sand dunes, rocky grades, snowy roads, and more.
  • the next-generation ranger appears to have c-shaped headlights like the new maverick and can be seen in extended cab and crew cab configurations.
  • ford’s overseas departments say the all-new ranger will debut before the end of the year before going on sale in 2022, but the timing could end up different for the u.s. market.

    back in 2011, ford ditched the small-truck market, killing off the aging ranger without a replacement. while american customers were forced to look elsewhere for a small truck, the rest of the world received an all-new ranger that same year. ford eventually realized they were missing out on a growing segment and brought the ranger back to the united states for 2019, but the company simply upgraded the global version that had already been on sale for eight years instead of creating a fresh generation. however, ford announced today that an all-new ranger is on its way, revealing the first official teaser photo and video of the upcoming mid-size pickup.

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    the video, posted by ford's australian and european arms, shows the next-generation ranger tackling various types of tricky terrain and showing off its versatility. the teaser starts off with the ranger drifting through a giant mud patch, kicking up dirt clods left and right, before we see the truck scaling dunes and driving at high speeds through the desert. next the ranger deftly climbs up and down some steep rocky grades, displaying its suspension articulation, before it hurtles down a snow-covered road. lastly, we see the ranger cruising down an off-road trail, smashing through a puddle and splashing water everywhere.

    while the truck is heavily camouflaged, a few details stand out. the overall proportions look similar to the current model, and both extended and crew-cab versions are seen in the video. the most striking design element we can see is the headlights, which appear to have a c shape echoing the headlights on the recently revealed maverick. ford's australian and european branches say that the next-generation ranger will debut later this year before launching in 2022, but the timing and design for the u.s.-market version could end up being different.

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    date : 2021-09-09 16:02:04