New Ford Broncos Are Reportedly Sitting Undelivered Due to Chip Shortage

New Ford Broncos Are Reportedly Sitting Undelivered Due to Chip Shortage
new <a href=>ford</a> broncos are reportedly sitting undelivered due to chip shortage
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a massive number of ford broncos have been spotted parked up outside of ford’s michigan assembly plant. the build-up of suvs is directly tied to the global semiconductor shortage, automotive news is reporting this week.

bronco fanatics may actually recall this parking lot, as it gained a bit of notoriety during last year’s hardtop-related delays. back then it garnered the nickname dirt mountain, though michigan’s winter weather has made it harder to see the large earth pile for which the lot is named. as such, some members of the various bronco forums have begun referring to the area as ice mountain. regardless of what you call it, recent videos uploaded to the bronco6g forum confirm that ford has once again packed the lot full of completed trucks.

thankfully for the frustrated bronco fans out there, one dealership owner was more willing to speak on the matter. according to ford dealer council chairman tim hovik, who owns san tan ford in gilbert, arizona, the production issues are related to ongoing chip shortages. hovik told automotive news that these issues are not exclusive to ford or the bronco, but that certain semiconductor chips have become more difficult to acquire from suppliers. without official confirmation from ford, there is no way for us to be entirely certain about the situation at hand outside map. that said, the act of parking completed vehicles while waiting for chips isn’t new in the pandemic era.

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while the auto industry as a whole continues to struggle with production and supply chain constraints, the visuals of this parking lot are tough to see. that is especially true when you consider the markup prices that have arrived as a result. road & track has reached out to ford for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

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