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Midwest Spikes Push Gas Prices Upward

Midwest Spikes Push Gas Prices Upward

The national average for regular gas edged up a penny over the past week, but a couple of states have experienced double-digit increases in the last four days, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

Since July 13, prices have jumped 7 and 5 cents, respectively, in Indiana and Michigan, neighboring states where pump prices fluctuate on a regular basis. The statewide average rose to $2.33 in Indiana and to $2.43 in Michigan. Nearby states Kentucky and Minnesota had increases of 3 to 5 cents compared to a week ago.

Here's what's happening elsewhere this week:

  • Prices rose by 3 cents or less in several states in the Southeast and Southwest, leaving Alabama and South Carolina as the only states where regular averaged less than $2. The average price for both was $1.98 Thursday, according to AAA.

  • Prices were unchanged or slightly lower in most Western states, where gas is more expensive than the national average. Hawaii had the highest statewide average at $3.05, followed by California, $2.91; Washington, $2.81; and Alaska, $2.80.

Gas has been on an up-down pattern over the past four weeks, and at $2.27, the national regular is now just a penny cheaper than a month ago. Premium gas is 3 cents lower than a month ago at $2.80, and diesel fuel is 2 cents lower at $2.45.

All three fuel types are more expensive than they were a year ago. Regular is higher by 8 cents, premium 9 cents and diesel by 10 cents.