Mercedes EQS Beats German Competitors on EV Range but Not Tesla, Lucid
<a href=>mercedes</a> eqs beats german competitors on ev range but not <a href=>tesla</a>, lucid
  • mercedes-benz's battery powered eqs450+ (above) and eqs580 have an epa range of 350 or 340 miles of range, besting their german competition by more than 100 miles.
  • tesla and lucid easily beat the new benz's range with the model s long range coming in at 405 miles and the lucid air dream r awd covering 520 miles per charge.
  • the eqs450+ boasts the lowest drag coefficient (cd) or any car for sale and will start at $103,360.

    the premium-electric-car segment is mostly about two numbers: horsepower and range. earlier this year, mercedes-benz announced that its new dual-motor eqs580 would have 516 horsepower and that the single-motor eqs450+ would come in at 329 horsepower, but now we've learned the official epa-rated range. according to the epa, the 107.8-kwh-equipped 580 will travel 340 miles while the single-motor 450+ with the same battery will make it 350 miles on a charge.

    mercedes credits its aggressive regeneration strategy, large battery, and the eqs's incredibly low 0.20 drag coefficient for the range number. but while the ev benz's range compares favorably with the german competition, it falls behind the range of startups like tesla and lucid. the best a porsche taycan can do is 227 miles—taycan 4s performance battery plus—and the farthest an audi e-tron gt can go on a charge is 238 miles. yet the benz can't touch the tesla model s long range's impressive 405-mile number; nor can it come close to the lucid air dream r awd's 520 miles of epa range.

    an important element of any car, electric or otherwise, is the price. the eqs450+ will start at $103,360, moving up to the exclusive level costs $3400, and the appropriately named pinnacle level comes in at $109,560. pricing for the more powerful eqs580 opens at $120,160, requires an additional $3400 for the exclusive trim, and, for those who want it all, the pinnacle will wear a $126,360 window sticker.

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    date : 2021-10-09 16:02:49