Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG Previews Electric G-Wagen Coming Soon

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG Previews Electric G-Wagen Coming Soon
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  • this is the mercedes-benz concept eqg, a near-production example of the upcoming g-class ev.
  • it's a body-on-frame suv with four electric motors and four-wheel drive.
  • we expect to see a production version within the year, and it'll join the eqb crossover and eqs and eqe electric sedans in mercedes-benz's eq lineup.

    mercedes-benz is rapidly adding models to its electric eq lineup, the most recent being the eqe sedan and high-performance amg variant of the eqs. soon, one of benz's most iconic models, the g-class off-road suv popularly known as the g-wagen, will gain an electric eq counterpart that will look a lot like this eqg concept.

    while most of mercedes-benz's eq models look funkier than their gasoline-powered counterparts, the concept eqg retains the g-class suv's traditional appearance with its boxy proportions and round headlights. mercedes says that this truck is a near-production concept. it rides on 22-inch wheels, and on the concept, the spare-tire holder in back features a lockable box that benz says can store a charging cable.

    the concept remains a body-on-frame suv with an independent front suspension and a solid rear axle. an electric motor powers each wheel, providing four-wheel drive. currently, the top g-class is the amg g63, which has a 577-hp twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter v-8 under the hood. mercedes-amg says it will make high-performance versions of the eq lineup, as seen by the amg eqs, so expect to see an amg eqg, too.

    the eqg will likely be sold alongside the gas-powered models, as are the other vehicles in the mercedes eq lineup. but by the time it reaches the market, there could be competing electric off-roaders available: gmc's hummer ev will arrive later this year, ford could have an electric bronco on the way, and jeep says it will offer an ev wrangler by 2025.

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