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Mercedes-AMG Brings On the Affalterbach Growl with Emotion Start

Mercedes-AMG Brings On the Affalterbach Growl with Emotion Start
<a href=>mercedes</a>-amg brings on the affalterbach growl with emotion start
brad fick
  • emotion start is a feature that's available on all new mercedes-amg models, including the glc63 shown in this video.
  • it's a startup sequence that starts the car with the exhaust valves open, and it revs the engine to a slightly higher rpm.
  • to activate emotion start, pull back either paddle shifter, and simultaneously hit the start/stop button.

    what better way to wake yourself—or your neighbors—than with the invigorating new emotion start feature that's standard on all new mercedes-amg models. it can also be used to let others know that you've got a hand-built engine from affalterbach under the hood, which is primarily what we used it for. we tried it on the 2020 mercedes-amg glc63.

    emotion start is a startup-sequence feature that starts the car with all of the exhaust valves open and the engine revs increased slightly. to do an emotion start, simply pull one of the paddle shifters (it doesn't matter which one) and push the start/stop button at the same time. the engine then bursts with all sorts of emotion, and that sound of jubilance is sent straight through all four exhaust tips.

    one quirk we aren't too happy with, though, is that the exhaust valves don't stay open once the startup sequence is complete. if you want the exhaust to continue to be loud and obnoxious when the car is on, the exhaust button, which is on the right of the center stack, must be manually pressed, which can be so extraneous on your fingers.

    additionally, the increased engine revs on startup aren't even that much of a boost, though. our test car was equipped with amg's hand-built 469-hp twin-turbo 4.0-liter v-8, which produces 469 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, so it sounded amazing regardless. but on a normal startup, the engine reaches around 1800 rpm. emotion start jumps the tachometer's needle up around 300 rpm, reaching close to 2100 rpm. if you want to rev the engine higher than that after it's started, you're out of luck because it's limited to 4000 rpm.