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McLaren Speedtail Albert Honors Prototype with Camo Paint

McLaren Speedtail Albert Honors Prototype with Camo Paint
McLaren Speedtail Albert Honors Prototype with Camo Paint
  • McLaren Special Operations has revealed the Albert, a one-off version of the Speedtail commissioned by McLaren Beverly Hills.
  • The name pays homage to the first Speedtail prototype, itself named for the original McLaren F1 test cars that were dubbed Albert after the street where McLaren was based.
  • The paint job on the Albert is similar to the prototype’s camouflage wrap, and the mesmerizing lines took 12 weeks to paint onto the Speedtail’s aerodynamic body.

    McLaren is only building 106 examples of the sleek, 1035-hp, $2.1 million Speedtail, but the grey and white example seen here called Albert takes the exclusivity to the next level. The Albert is a one-off revealed by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the division focused on making the automotive dreams of the uber-rich come true. It was commissioned by McLaren Beverly Hills.

    Although naming a car the Albert sounds odd, the moniker is a reference to the Speedtail's ancestors. Back in 1992, the original test mules of the legendary McLaren F1 were called Albert in reference to the street, Albert Drive, where McLaren developed and built the supercar in Woking, England. As an homage to this, the original MVY02 Speedtail prototype was given the same name, which now migrates to this one-off honoring the test vehicle.

    The original Albert was built to test the ergonomics of the central seat driving position, evaluating visibility and rear-view camera positioning. The MVY02 was the first Speedtail to be driven on public roads, and originally used the front-end bodywork from a 720S.

    The production-spec Albert mimics the prototype’s camouflage livery, with a complex paint job featuring a gradient of grey lines representing the airflow over the car. The car is painted in Magnesium Silver, the color of the first F1 road car revealed at the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix, and Ueno Grey, which adorned the F1 GTR that trumped at the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. The MSO team spent 12 weeks applying the intricate paint job. The Albert is set to debut at Sunset GT, a cars and coffee event hosted by O’Gara Beverly Hills this Sunday in Los Angeles before Monterey Car Week kicks off on Monday.

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