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Mazdas First EV Is Reportedly Coming Next Month

Mazdas First EV Is Reportedly Coming Next Month
  • mazda will show a new fully electric vehicle later this year, according to automotive news.
  • it will appear at the tokyo auto show in october, but few details are known about this new model other than the fact that it won't be based on an existing mazda vehicle.
  • mazda has showed a cx-30–based e-tpv prototype model with an electrified powertrain for testing purposes.

    mazda's first ever electric vehicle will be shown to the world later this year, at the tokyo auto show in october, according to a report from automotive news. it will be an entirely new model with a battery-electric powertrain, rather than an electric derivative of an existing mazda vehicle. we'd guess that this new ev is likely to be a small crossover or hatchback, given current market trends and the competitive set for evs from mainstream brands.

    at the company's global tech forum earlier this year in oslo, norway, mazda showed a prototype vehicle based on the new cx-30 crossover, called e-tpv, with an electrified powertrain available with a range-extender gasoline engine. according to an, this prototype used a 140-hp electric motor and a 35.5-kwh battery pack, but we don't know if that has any bearing on the new ev model's powertrain. mazda has talked in the past about using rotary engines as range-extenders for future plug-in-hybrid models.

    it is unclear at this point whether or not mazda will sell this new ev in the u.s. market; we have reached out to mazda for clarification and will update this post with any new information. look for more details to come on this new ev over the next few weeks, as its debut is likely to take place in late october in tokyo.