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Mazda 6 Dead for 2022, but Maybe Not Gone Forever

Mazda 6 Dead for 2022, but Maybe Not Gone Forever
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  • mazda is discontinuing the 6 mid-size sedan for the u.s. market.
  • the 2021 model year will be its last and it won't return for 2022.
  • a future mazda 6 is rumored to be on its way with a new rear-wheel-drive platform and an inline-six engine.

    mazda will no longer offer the 6 mid-size sedan in the u.s. after the 2021 model year. the current third-generation 6 has been around since 2014 and will not be available for 2022, meaning mazda is the latest automaker—following ford, chrysler, and a few others—to exit the popular family-sedan segment.

    while this is the end of the road for now, it doesn't necessarily mean that mazda is done with mid-size sedans forever. rumors persist that mazda will launch a new sedan model on the company's new rear-wheel-drive platform that could utilize its new inline-six engines. when asked about the potential for a future rear-wheel-drive mazda 6, a company spokesperson told c/d, "we cannot share details of future products at this time."

    the cancellation announcement does call into question whether this new model will once again utilize the 6 nameplate, as mazda could introduce a new moniker to reflect the sedan's new mission. if it comes to fruition, we likely won't hear more about this new mazda sedan for a while longer, as it's expected to arrive sometime in 2022 as a 2023 model.

    in the meantime, 2021 mazda 6 sedans will remain on sale at dealerships until inventory runs out.

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