Maserati Grecale SUV to Be Revealed March 22

Maserati Grecale SUV to Be Revealed March 22
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  • the maserati grecale suv will be officially revealed on march 22.
  • along with the reveal date, maserati also released new teaser images of its upcoming luxury ute.
  • these pics are our best look yet at the grecale, and its camouflage contains hints about its features and specs.

    those who have been eagerly awaiting the reveal of the new maserati grecale suv will finally be rewarded on march 22, according to an announcement today by the company. news of the official reveal date coincides with the release of more teaser photos, except this time the grecale's camouflage is more revealing than the prototype we saw testing last month.

    the grecale in the latest images is covered in light camouflage that gives us a virtually undisguised look at its front end. while its headlights are more upright than those on the larger maserati levante suv, the grille design with its vertical slats and large trident logo are hallmarks of the brand. the shape of the grecale's rear quarter panel and c-pillar are also reminiscent of the levante, and the quad-tip exhaust, as well as the sizable front brake rotors and calipers, hint at this being a performance-oriented model.

    we know that the grecale is going to be built at the same factory in italy as the alfa romeo stelvio suv, but what we don't know is which components they will share or any of the maserati's exact specifications. however, a close inspection of messages on the grecale's camo may offer some clues. the fill-in-the-blank sections are like something you'd see on wheel of fortune.

    one message reads, "my cockpit flaunts more than **" in display surfaces." another one says, "i see your eyes on my **l interior storage." it's worth noting that the specs maserati is referencing are in metric units, with the "l" standing for liters. the same goes for the line about legroom that's described as "more than ****mm."

    we can make some educated guesses just based on the number of digits. the new grecale's stereo, for instance, should offer at least 10 speakers and more than 999 watts. it'll have more than one drive mode, too, and its cargo area will measure at least 100 liters, or 3.5 cubic feet. maserati's "intelligent assistant" will be controlled by voice commands, but we probably could've prophesied that without the hint. it's up to you if you want to scour these photos to play the guessing game, or if you're willing to wait for the full reveal next month.

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