Lucid Air EVs Dream Edition Will Come in 933-HP and 1111-HP Versions

Lucid Air EVs Dream Edition Will Come in 933-HP and 1111-HP Versions
Lucid Air EV's Dream Edition Will Come in 933-HP and 1111-HP Versions
Lucid Motors
  • Lucid announced that the Air Dream Edition, the exclusive launch model, will be sold in two versions: the Performance and Range.
  • The Performance will get 1111 horsepower and a claimed sub-2.5-second sprint to 60 mph, while the Range makes 993 horsepower.
  • Both the Range and Performance will cost $169,000, and Lucid says it will reach out to reservation holders soon to see which variant they want.

    The global COVID-19 pandemic and resulting parts shortages have caused enormous headaches for some of the world’s biggest automakers, so unsurprisingly the pandemic has also brought challenges for fledgling startups like Lucid Motors. The company’s first product, the electric Air sedan, was originally slated to begin production in the spring of this year, but deliveries were delayed to the end of 2021. Now Lucid is updating the options for the exclusive launch model, the Air Dream Edition, announcing that it will come in two variants: the Dream Edition Performance and the Dream Edition Range.

    Previously, the Dream Edition had been announced as a single specification that brought 1080 horsepower and a claimed 503 miles of range. Now the Dream Edition will be split into Performance and Range models, with the Performance's powertrain “optimized for speed and acceleration” while the Range is focused on maximizing driving range. The Performance will produce 1111 horsepower to the Range’s 933 ponies, and both will have more than 737 pound-feet of torque.

    Lucid claims the Range will hit 60 mph in 2.7 seconds while the Performance will drop that number before 2.5 seconds en route to a 168-mph top speed for both. They will wear Pirelli P Zero tires, but the Performance will receive a staggered setup with standard 21-inch wheels while the Range will get 19-inch wheels, although both trims can be had with the alternate wheel option.

    The EPA range certification process is still ongoing, but Lucid recently drove two Dream Edition Range models 445 miles from Los Angeles to Lucid’s headquarters outside of San Francisco on a single charge. While impressive, this was a one-off event, and the impending EPA certification should provide a clearer picture of the car's true range.

    Lucid says it will reach out to Dream Edition reservation holders soon to see which version they want. Both will cost the same $169,000 that the Dream Edition had previously been announced at. The Dream Edition is scheduled to be delivered later this year with the lesser Grand Touring model arriving soon after.

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