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Long-Term Chrysler Pacifica Fuel Economy Update: Still So Close, Yet ...

Long-Term Chrysler Pacifica Fuel Economy Update: Still So Close, Yet ...
2017 chrysler pacifica

with all the interest surrounding the early fuel economy performance of our best of 2018-winning volkswagen atlas (which, spoiler alert: so far, not great), it'd be easy to forget that its award-winning predecessor is sitting here at cars hq mere parking spaces away. in the six months since we decided to keep our best of 2017-winning chrysler pacifica on for another year, the minivan has continued to perform reliably well, though its fuel economy is still below epa estimates.

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blame it in part on the lack of extravagant road trips. as those go, we've been gentle — i can attest to a wildly uneventful excursion for the detroit auto show in january, and we've used the pacifica's ample storage space as a multimedia support vehicle at a few of our local challenges (the latest of which you can find here). but when it comes to really long hauls — the type at which minivans, in all their bulbous function over form, are designed to excel — big mileage has been more the exception than the rule. more than anything else, the pacifica has served as a weekend schlepmobile or a shuttle from the main office to our offsite studio.

here's where we stand after just surpassing the 20,000-mile mark at the end of may.

2017 chrysler pacifica touring-l plus

long-term mileage

  • epa rating city/highway/combined: 18/28/22 mpg
  • recommended fuel: regular
  • highest single-tank average: 29.4 mpg
  • lowest single-tank average: 11.2 mpg
  • average mileage: 19.7 mpg
  • current mileage: 20,062
  • total cost of fuel: $2,545.38
  • longest range observed: 426 miles

so, will we continue to treat the pacifica with kid gloves as the year goes on? will summer road-trip season 2018 bring another boost to the average mileage as it did in 2017? will the multimedia team decide on a whim to joyride across the u.s. just for the sake of our two-year fuel-economy update? check back here in december when we have answers to all of these questions and more.

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