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Lister SUV-E Concept is a Quicker, Carbon-Fibered Jaguar I-Pace

Lister SUV-E Concept is a Quicker, Carbon-Fibered Jaguar I-Pace
lister suv-e concept is a quicker, carbon-fibered <a href=>jaguar</a> i-pace
  • jaguar tuner lister is making the jaguar i-pace quicker and lighter, which will help the electric crossover launch to 60 mph in four seconds.
  • an array of carbon-fiber additions help shed approximately 220 pounds off the weight of the standard i-pace.
  • the lister suv-e will start at around $161,000, with production to be based on customer interest.

    when we tested the 2019 jaguar i-pace, we were able to launch the all-electric crossover to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds. the i-pace could become slightly quicker now that tuning specialist lister, which is known for giving jaguars more oomph, is making the british automaker’s ev lighter and faster.

    the company has a long history of special versions of jaguars and explained the current suv-e project this way: "whilst at lister petrol runs through our veins instead of blood, we cannot ignore the interest in electric vehicles." lister claims that the suv-e will reach 60 mph in close to four seconds, and that is largely thanks to 220 pounds trimmed off compared to the standard i-pace. a majority of the weight saving comes from carbon-fiber front and rear bumpers, front and rear splitter, hood, and spoiler.

    also helping with the increased acceleration is a software update that gives it a slight boost in horsepower and torque, although official specs have yet to be released. however, if that four-second zero-to-60-mph time is true, we can speculate that there won't be that much added power. we say that because every 100-pound decrease in curb weight translates to a roughly tenth of a second improvement in acceleration times.

    the suv-e also has slightly larger fender flares with lister titanium wheels and carbon ceramic brakes. also assisting with the aggressive stance is a fully adjustable lowered suspension. it'll even have a "more aggressive exhaust sound" compared to the standard i-pace.

    only a limited number of suv-es will be produced, and pricing is expected to start at around $161,000. lister says that it'll only be produced if people are actually interested in it.