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Lincoln to Show Shinola-Inspired Aviator Concept at Pebble Beach

Lincoln to Show Shinola-Inspired Aviator Concept at Pebble Beach
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  • lincoln and detroit-based luxury retailer shinola have collaborated on a one-off concept aviator suv for this year's pebble beach concours d'elegance.
  • the concept incorporates several of shinola's design motifs and the result is eye-catching.
  • it's merely a design study, but we think lincoln and shinola should put this aviator into production.

    for this year's pebble beach concours d'elegance, lincoln will show off an aviator concept developed in conjunction with luxury leather and watch retailer shinola. the two detroit-based brands appear to be a natural fit for such a collaboration, with the aviator's already luxurious interior getting a glow up that includes new leather and suede seats, copper accents, and a woven metal mesh trim on the instrument panel and center console. what's curiously left out is a shinola-branded dashboard clock.

    the rich-looking caramel leather and cream-colored suede inserts on the seats are accented with a stylized stripe down the center, a popular shinola design. lincoln designers are notorious for loving a blue-themed interior, so they took some liberty and added a blue accent to the stripe. the concept's exterior is rendered in a white color that's intended to evoke the same pearly finish as one of shinola's mother of pearl watch faces. the light hue is accented by a copper-colored grille and rose-gold wheels.

    we think lincoln should also include a set of matching leather and suede luggage for the cargo area, but, alas, you can't have it all. lincoln says this is simply a design study for now, but we wouldn't be shocked to see a limited-production special-edition model appear at some point in the future.

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