Lexus LX600 Looks Even Cooler in Special Off-Road Trim for Japan
  • lexus has created a special off-road version of the new lx600 suv, but it's only for japan.
  • it comes standard with locking front, center, and rear differentials and 18-inch wheels with all-terrain tires.
  • we can only hope that lexus will bring something like this to the u.s. eventually.

    the new lx600 is lexus's latest version of the legendary land cruiser, and toyota's luxury division is trying to get in on the off-road fun with a special version of the luxury suv that's exclusive to the japan market. called the lx600 offroad, it features a few modifications that we hope will make their way to the u.s. market eventually.

    the main mechanical difference is the off-road model's three locking differentials: one in the front, one in the center, and one in the rear, just like a mercedes-benz g-wagen. it also comes standard with matte-grey 18-inch wheels, compared with the standard model's available 20- and 22-inch wheels, and different tires. otherwise, it has the same four-wheel-drive system with a low range, height-adjustable suspension, and twin-turbo 3.5-liter v-6 engine as the other lx600 models.

    the offroad also features black plastic cladding on the fenders and a different grille treatment than the premium, ultra luxury, and f sport models that have been confirmed for the u.s. lexus says that the lx600 offroad is only for japan for now, but we wouldn't be shocked if it eventually offers some sort of off-road package for the u.s.-market car.

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    date : 2021-10-14 04:01:40