Lexus Aims to Capture the Magic of the LFA with This EV Supercar

Lexus Aims to Capture the Magic of the LFA with This EV Supercar
  • lexus has revealed an electric supercar concept that it says will carry on the spirit of the legendary v-10–powered lfa.
  • lexus hasn't given the concept a name, but the company did say that it will reach 60 mph in the "low 2 second range."
  • the ev supercar has a theoretical range of 435 miles, and lexus says it will use solid-state batteries.

    the legendary lexus lfa will be a difficult model to follow up, but lexus says that this upcoming ev sports car will inherit the "secret sauce" from that v-10–powered supercar. that's a heady claim, but the preliminary performance numbers that lexus has shared are impressive: it claims this model will get to 60 mph in the "low 2 second range" and that it will use solid-state batteries to provide a driving range of around 435 miles.

    we don't yet have a name for this new model other than "electrified sport," and these images show just a concept version of its design, but it looks to be fairly close to production. interestingly there's no spindle grille to be seen, and the low-slung silhouette is reminiscent of the toyota ft-1 concept that ultimately previewed the supra.

    this information about lexus's ev supercar was shared during toyota's presentation detailing its future ev plans. we don't know anything about a possible timeline for the arrival of this lexus sports car, but we do know lexus is planning to launch its first ev, called the rz, sometime in 2022. stay tuned for more information on these developments as we find out more about lexus evs.

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