Koenigsegg Is Now Making Aftermarket Carbon-Fiber Parts for Teslas

Koenigsegg Is Now Making Aftermarket Carbon-Fiber Parts for Teslas
koenigsegg is now making aftermarket carbon-fiber parts for <a href=https://www.sharperedgeengines.com/used-tesla-engines>tesla</a>s
unplugged performance

koenigsegg takes its carbon fiber seriously. one look at any of the swedish supercar company's creations up close, and you'll understand just how much effort is put into each and every weave. whether we're talking about monocoques, body panels, or even wheels, koenigsegg's carbon is perfectly aligned and masterfully crafted. it's a major reason why all of the company's cars sell out so quickly.

previously, if you wanted a car with carbon fiber made by koenigsegg, you'd have to shell out several hundred thousand dollars to buy a koenigsegg. now, though, all you'll need is a tesla to make use of koenigsegg's ultra-high-quality carbon. that's thanks to a new collaboration between koenigsegg advanced manufacturing and tesla tuner unplugged performance.

unplugged performance is one of the most popular suppliers of aftermarket tesla parts, offering things like high-performance braking systems, suspension upgrades, and exterior modifications. it's also the company behind that highly modified model s plaid that attacked pikes peak in 2021. furthermore, unplugged performance is an officially authorized service provider for tesla vehicles, according to electrek. so it's only natural koenigsegg would team up with it to provide parts to customers.

as a part of the launch, unplugged performance is offering a handful of carbon-fiber spoilers for the model s, model 3, and model x. additionally, carbon-fiber front fenders are available for the model 3. pricing for the spoilers range from $1745 to $2495, while the fenders come in at $8895 per set before taxes and shipping. that sounds like a whole lot of money for body panels, we know. but once you consider the parts are made from koenigsegg's proprietary carbon-fiber weave and built on the same assembly line as the aerodynamic parts destined for koenigsegg's newest hypercars, it starts to make sense.

unplugged performance says it plans to debut more parts in collaboration with koenigsegg later in 2022, so if you don't see anything you like just yet, stay tuned.

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