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Kia K8 Is an Elegant-Looking Large Sedan

Kia K8 Is an Elegant-Looking Large Sedan
<a href=>kia</a> k8 is an elegant-looking large sedan
  • kia has released a new sedan model called the k8, which replaces the cadenza (also known as the k7 in global markets).
  • the k8 features kia's new logo and design language.
  • we don't expect to see this car come to the u.s., as kia dropped the cadenza from its lineup on our shores recently.

    kia just killed off its cadenza large sedan in the u.s., which means we aren't likely to get its replacement, called the k8 (the cadenza was called the k7 globally). and that's a shame, because the k8 features an elegant design and looks like it could be a worthy competitor to sedans like the lexus es.

    the k8 is slightly longer than the car it replaces. although kia has yet to release mechanical details, it appears to continue with a front-wheel-drive, transverse-engine layout. the company does say that many of the k8's design details—such as the interesting patterned grille treatment and the angular taillights—will make their way onto other upcoming kia models.

    the k8 is also the first kia to feature the company's new logo. the block letters are prominently displayed on the hood and trunklid. we have an inkling that the new 2022 kia carnival minivan will be the first car in the u.s. to get this new emblem; it will be revealed next week.

    we don't know yet what engines the k8 has, and kia hasn't shown photos of the interior, either. the car will go on sale later this year, likely starting in south korea first. but don't hold your breath for it to ever arrive on our shores.

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