Kia EV9, Hyundai Ioniq 7 Will Be Like Electric Telluride, Palisade
  • hyundai and kia will reveal new electric suv concepts within the next week.
  • the hyundai ioniq 7 should be close in size to the palisade suv, and the kia ev9 should be like the telluride.
  • both ev suvs will be built on hyundai motor group's new e-gmp electric platform.

    hyundai motor group's electric lineup is growing, as kia promises 11 new electric vehicles by 2026 and hyundai 23 by 2025. both brands have teased their coming ev suvs in concept form, and both will debut soon. the kia ev9 concept, which will be a large suv like the 10best-winning telluride, will be revealed november 11 at 3 a.m. eastern time, while the ioniq 7 concept will debut november 17 at 12:55 pm, during the l.a. auto show.

    from a silhouette teaser kia shared on instagram, we can see that the ev9 will have a boxy shape similar to the telluride. the image of the ioniq 7 shows that it has similar styling as the ioniq 5, and previews a lounge-like interior with cozy lighting elements. it's not clear yet if the new evs will be a seven-seater like the telluride and palisade, but we'll know more next week. the company's new electric lineup will have a numeric naming scheme, and these suvs will join the existing kia ev6 and hyundai ioniq 5 models, both of which have wacky, futuristic styling.

    these suvs will share an iteration of the group's e-gmp electric platform and should offer either a single-motor powertrain or a dual-motor setup providing all-wheel drive. the kia ev6 and hyundai ioniq 5, along with the other upcoming promised evs, use the shared electric platform, and they offer either single-or dual-motor setups. the kia ev6 has two battery packs available providing up to a claimed 300 miles of range.

    check back here for more information on kia and hyundai's newest electric vehicles when we learn more about it in concept form next week. the production models will likely make their debut sometime in 2022 and go on sale shortly after.

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    date : 2021-11-08 17:02:39