Join Us For Our First-Ever Rally to Motor Bella Experiential Car Show

Join Us For Our First-Ever Rally to Motor Bella Experiential Car Show
join us for our first-ever rally to motor bella experiential car show
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we're excited to announce the beginning of an epic lineup of rallies added to the road & track experiences roster. our first rally of 2021, road to motor bella, is a day-long drive through michigan's freshwater lake region ending at motor bella, m1 concourse's inaugural, experiential car show on september 22, 2021.

the road to motor bella experience offers enthusiasts unprecedented access to curated drives, with all roads leading to the innovative vehicle debuts and focus on next-generation mobility at motor bella. this event is expected to house and display over 600 cars, trucks, and utility vehicles across m1's 87-acre property in pontiac, mi. and now, you can tour it all alongside road & track and car and driver editors.

with over 150,000 attendees expected throughout the span of six days, motor bella will be packed with new experiences — even offering road & track members exclusive opportunities during their first-ever press day.

interest piqued? here's what to expect:

road to motor bella will commence at marsh bank park, where enthusiasts will gather for a quick breakfast and meet-and-greet before a scenic morning drive.

expect beautiful, twisting roads as you travel through oakland county lake region, a coastal route curated by road & track and car and driver editors.

enter the show grounds, consisting of 87 acres and a 1-mile-long test track for an afternoon filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

hit champion motor speedway's track to spend time with pro drivers during a series of hot laps in high-performance vehicles — an opportunity available to the track club community. not a member yet? sign up here.

enjoy a food truck lunch, mingle with editors one-on-one, and travel through the grounds alongside a community of like-minded enthusiasts during this first-ever mobility-filled event.

plus, track club founders are invited to stick around an extra day to hang with car and driver as they test their 2022 10best contenders at north star reach camp.

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