Jeep’s First EV Coming in 2023; Ram Says Its EV Pickup Will Beat All Competitors

Jeep’s First EV Coming in 2023; Ram Says Its EV Pickup Will Beat All Competitors
<a href=>jeep</a>’s first ev coming in 2023; ram says its ev pickup will beat all competitors
  • stellantis said today that it will bring out the first fully electric jeep in early 2023.
  • the image shown with the announcement appears to show a vehicle about the size of the compass, but no name or details were provided.
  • the jeep ev is only one of 100 planned ev launches from the multi-brand automaker by 2030, including electric muscle cars and family vehicles.

    at a global press event in amsterdam, netherlands, today stellantis laid out its future business plan, called dare forward 2030. unsurprisingly, it focuses on electrification, mobility, data as a service, reduced carbon footprint, increased customer care, and so on. with regard to new product, stellantis promises more than 100 launches between now and 2030.

    the highlights include jeep's first ev, coming in "early 2023." no word yet on whether that's a new model or an ev version of an existing jeep, although the timeline certainly suggests the latter, and based on the image, we'd speculate that vehicle will be the size of the compass. that new jeep ev will beat the previously announced wrangler ev, which is set to arrive in 2024.

    the next battery-electric offering will be a ram promaster van in late 2023, followed by a ram 1500 electric pickup in 2024 (teaser image above). although the company acknowledges that they are late to the blossoming ev pickup market, ceo carlos tavares boasts that the ram will beat all others—including the rivian r1t, ford f-150 lightning, chevrolet silverado ev, and even the tesla cybertruck—in range, towing, payload, and charging time. that's quite a claim, and we'll be watching closely to see if it delivers.

    the wrangler ev also launches in 2024, in addition to "lifestyle family suvs" from jeep as well as dodge's first electric, described as a "performance muscle car." chrysler finally joins the party in 2025 with a "lifestyle family car," which should be based on the airflow concept unveiled at ces.

    the goal is to have 50 percent of u.s. sales being evs by 2030, with that figure being 100 percent in europe.

    in addition to battery-electrics, stellantis is also planning to delve further into hydrogen-powered vehicles. last year, the company introduced a hydrogen-powered version of the peugeot e-expert and opel vivaro-e mid-size vans, and it will expand those offerings to larger models in 2024, with the u.s. getting a hydrogen-powered full-size ram promaster van in 2025. tier 1 supplier faurecia is a technology partner on the hydrogen effort, which is likely to be exclusively a fleet offering. the company plans to further expand hydrogen powertrains into heavy-duty trucks.

    interestingly, it appears—from the above slide at least—that stellantis is operating under a no brand left behind policy. even vauxhall and lancia are included! ceo carlos tavares said, however, that no additional stellantis brands will be coming to the united states, so apparently, francophiles can forget about seeing ds or peugeot automobiles here.

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